Knative Cookbook

Burr Sutter & Kamesh Sampath
April 22, 2020
Knative Cookbook cover


Knative Cookbook

By Burr Sutter & Kamesh Sampath

Updated: 04/2020

Enterprise developers face several challenges when it comes to building serverless applications, such as integrating applications and building container images from source. With more than 60 practical recipes, Knative Cookbook helps you solve these issues with Knative–the first serverless platform natively designed for Kubernetes.

With this cookbook, you'll learn to:

  • Efficiently build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads

  • Apply Knative in real enterprise scenarios, including advanced eventing

  • Monitor your Knative serverless applications effectively

  • Integrate Knative with CI/CD principles, such as using pipelines for faster, more successful production deployments

  • Deploy a rich ecosystem of enterprise integration patterns and connectors in Apache Camel K as Kubernetes and Knative components


Channels and Subscriptions

With Channels and Subscriptions, the Knative Eventing system defines a Channel, which can connect to various backends such as In-Memory, Kafka, and GCP PubSub for sourcing the events. Each Channel can have one or more Subscribers in the form of Sink Services as shown in Figure 4-2, which can receive the event messages and process them as needed. Each message from the Channel is format‐ ted as a CloudEvent and sent further up in the chain to other Subscribers for fur‐ ther processing. The Channels and Subscriptions usage pattern does not have the ability to filter messages.

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