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Adventures Aboard the Kluster Kruise Ship

OpenShift UXD Team, Mary Shakshober


Adventures Aboard the Kluster Kruise book cover
Adventures Aboard the Kluster Kruise




As applications become more complex and clusters become more challenging to manage, the need for cluster automation tooling has only increased. This story uses a series of metaphors to introduce the concept of Operators, explain how they aid in the automation of clusters, and provide a high-level overview of Operator Lifecycle Management in a way that anyone can understand.




Readers will meet Kate the octopus, esteemed cruise ship director, who finds herself overwhelmed with the responsibilities associated with her position. Even with the help of her dedicated team of seafolk, managing the complex needs of her increasingly demanding guests becomes overwhelming! Luckily, Kate and her crew come up with a plan to enlist the help of a group of Operator crabs before everything gets out of hand. Learn more about the world of Operators in Adventures Aboard the Kluster Kruise Ship.





The OpenShift UX team set out to concept, write, and illustrate this storybook that would connect Operators, a newer concept in the Kubernetes automation space, to various personifications in order to make Operators feel more tangible to different audiences. It will increase Kubernetes beginners’ knowledge of Operators and allow intermediate/advanced Kubernetes specialists to grasp a better concept of the new technology.

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