2022 state of Kubernetes security report

2022 state of Kubernetes security report

Red Hat


Catch up on the latest trends in container, Kubernetes, and cloud-native security with the 2022 state of Kubernetes security report.

Based on survey responses from more than 300 DevOps, engineering, and security professionals, this report reveals how companies today are addressing security challenges and protecting their applications in cloud-native environments.

Download the report and get insight into:

  • Common types of security incidents and their business impacts
  • Top Kubernetes security use cases
  • Popular open source security tools
  • How to achieve better security


Delaying security could mean delaying innovation or facing financial loss. There are many security advantages you can use in containers and Kubernetes—from declarative configuration and immutable infrastructure to the isolation inherent in containerized applications. Organizations, however, need the knowledge, tooling, and processes to put those capabilities to work so they can benefit from the sizable advantages of running fast in a DevOps-driven, cloud-native world.

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