Raghavan "Rags" Srinivas, Edson Yanaga

A Microservices approach with Cassandra and Quarkus | DevNation Tech Talk

We will dissect the world famous todo app that provides a REST API (which is the foundation of microservices) with data backed by Apache Cassandra. We will leverage the TODO MVC and the TODO backend projects with the back end that we will build with Quarkus and Cassandra. Attendees will get an overview of Cassandra, including the driver for Quarkus. Through live coding (that attendees can try out later) in a cloud-based environment, primarily in Quarkus and Cassandra, attendees will understand how to implement and connect the APIs to the backend and leverage the generic client(s)provided. After attending this session attendees will walk away with a good understanding of implementing microservices using Cassandra and Quarkus. They will also get a working knowledge of how Astra (Cassandra as a service) can be leveraged in other solutions.