Michael Foster, Edson Yanaga

Kubernetes configuration and security policies with KubeLinter | DevNation Tech Talk

With Kubernetes, implementing security policies can be challenging. First, developers, administrators, and security teams need to understand security policies in collaboration to have the best chance of successful adoption. Next, policy enforcement needs to integrate with developer workflows. Lastly, policies need to contain corrective action that is as close to the developer as possible. KubeLinter solves these problems by linting Kubernetes YAML files and Helm charts at the source: the developer.

In this session, we will evaluate KubeLinter by moving through a hands-on demo of the application, showing a use case for local machines and CI pipeline integration, and chatting about how best to integrate it into your organization:

  • KubeLinter, and its default checks
  • How you can leverage the application in your day-to-day operations
  • The open source StackRox community