Bernard Tison, Edson Yanaga
November 4, 2021

Kafka at the Edge: an IoT scenario with OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka | DevNation Tech Talk

Apache Kafka is taking the world by storm and is rapidly becoming the de-facto event bus for event-driven and streaming applications that respond to events and data in real time. OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka is Red Hat's fully hosted and managed Apache Kafka service targeting development teams that want to incorporate streaming data and scalable messaging in their applications, without the burden of setting up and maintaining a Kafka cluster infrastructure.

In this session you will discover how Apache Kafka can be used in an IoT scenario to ingest data from devices and make them available in real-time to other applications.

More specifically you will learn how to:

  • Simulate devices that send MQTT messages to a MQTT broker
  • Use Apache Camel and Camel-K to bridge MQTT with Apache Kafka
  • Use Kafka Streams in a Quarkus application to process the device messages
  • Query the state of the devices using GraphQ