Containerize / deploy your Node.js app using best practices and IBM Cloud Code Engine


Adopt best practice techniques on how to containerize your Node.js application using a multi-stage Dockerfile, ubi8/nodejs-14-minimal base image, buildah, podman and secure container registries.  Then deploy your app container to IBM Cloud Code Engine, a fully managed, Knative serverless platform that runs your containerized workloads, including web apps, micro-services, event-driven functions, or batch jobs.

About the speaker

John Walicki
Developer Advocate, IBM

John Walicki is the CTO for Edge/IoT Advocacy in the IBM Developer Ecosystem Group.  As an IBM Developer Advocate with deep expertise in IoT and Edge, he inspires developers to build solutions with Watson AI, Watson IoT, and IBM Cloud. He helps developers create custom IoT and embedded Linux solutions for their industrial and enterprise use cases. He previously held roles as the IBM I/T Workplace of the Future Strategist, where he led the internal IBM Open Computing strategy, and as the IBM I/T Client Platform Architect. John was also a manager in the Watson Information Services Department at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. In addition to over 30 years of IBM experience, John holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University.