Quarkus - Become a superhero!


As developers, we all want the same thing: getting things done! But, there are so many hurdles in our way that slow us down and make us feel slow. 

This time is over. Come to see how Quarkus gives you superhuman speed. From zero to hero in a matter of minutes!  Hot reload in dev mode, dev services avoiding configuring anything,  continuous testing, developer UI, Kubernetes deployment in one click, and plenty of other features designed to make the development experience just better. 

After this talk, you won't see Java development the same way.

About the speaker

Clement Escoffier
Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Clement Escoffier (@clementplop) is a senior principal software engineer at Red Hat. He is a Java Champion and also acts as a Reactive Architect at Red Hat.

Before joining Red Hat, Clement had several professional lives, from academic positions to management. He contributed to projects and products, touching many domains and technologies such as OSGi, mobile, continuous delivery, and DevOps. Clement has always been interested in software engineering, distributed systems, and event-driven architectures. More recently, he focused on Reactive Systems, Cloud-Native applications, and Kubernetes. Clement is an active contributor to many open-source projects such as Apache Felix, Eclipse Vert.x, SmallRye, Mutiny, and Quarkus.