Kubernetes and Minikube for DevOps

By: Daniel Oh

Updated: 3/24/2017

Kubernetes is an open source platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts, and providing container-centric infrastructure. This cheat sheet shows how adding Minikube makes DevOps' lives easier when working with Kubernetes.

This cheat sheet explains how to:

  • Install Minikube.
  • Run locally on Minikube. 
  • Install Kubectl.
  • Use the Kubectl command line interface.
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Understanding Minikube commands

“To administer and interact with any given Kubernetes cluster (local or remote), you must set up your kubeconfig file. By default, kubectl con guration lives at ~/.kube/config

You can also create a cluster in your local machine via Minikube (See section 3: Running Locally via Minikube)

current-context: federal-context

apiVersion: v1


- cluster:

   api-version: v1

   server: http://cow.org:8080

 name: cow-cluster

- cluster:

   certificate-authority: path/to/my/cafile

   server: https://horse.org:4443

 name: horse-cluster

Access Kubernetes platform now