Manage Docker containers

By: Bachir Chihani and Rafael Benevides

Updated: 2/11/2019

The Docker command line interface (CLI) offers an opportunity for learning the specifics of container architecture. This cheat sheet will help you simplify tasks by mastering Docker's CLI commands for the client, runtime, registry, and containers.

This cheat sheet explains how to:

  • Gain a detailed overview of container architecture.

  • Run engine, image, registry, volume, and network-related commands.

  • Follow an example of running a web server container in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment.

Cheat Sheet Cover

Gain access to container commands now

Docker on the command line

#Run a container in interactive mode:
#Run a bash shell inside an image
$ docker run -it rhel7/rhel bash

#Check the release inside a container
[root@.../]# cat /etc/redhat-release

Gain access to container commands now

Cheat Sheet cover