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Over 100 breakout sessions from Red Hat Summit 2018 are now available to watch on YouTube. Even if you were at Summit, there were too many sessions to attend all of the ones you might have wanted to see. All of the recorded sessions are in one big searchable YouTube playlist. Over 100 recorded breakout sessions for 2018 is a big improvement over the 54 session videos available for Red Hat Summit 2017.

Update: Many of the presentation slide decks are now available in a searchable archive.

In the next few weeks, a number of the developer sessions will be highlighted on this blog by topic.

To get a development-oriented overview of what happened at Red Hat Summit, watch these interviews with:

All interviews are embedded below.

Resources: Interviews

Craig Muzilla - SVP of Red Hat Application Platforms business unit



Harry Mower - senior director, Red Hat Developer Programs


Chris Wright - VP and chief technology officer, Red Hat

Last updated: February 6, 2024