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You may have seen (or maybe missed) that in 2017, DevNation will be folded into Red Hat Summit 2017.

The CFP deadline has been pushed back to December 16, so I look forward to seeing your submissions for application development!

Speakers:  submit your Application Development proposals today!
  1. Submit your proposal on the Summit CFP site [1] and tag it with the primary theme of Application Development.
  2. We’re interested in advanced technical topics of all developer-related topics, but especially looking for sessions on: Microservices, MicroProfile, Containers, .NET, modern coding practices, CI/CD, DevOps, cloud/OpenShift, Mobile, Eclipse / Che, IoT, Node.js / Javascript, Software Collections, C++, performance tools, etc.
  3. Got a developer topic that’s not listed in item 2?  Submit it.

[1] Submit your proposals at and check out the guide at


Last updated: February 6, 2024