12 Top blog articles of 2015 – don’t miss these

Another December and another list of must-read blog articles for the year.  These were the most read and averaged 16,000 views per article – so lots of interest!


  1. Scala vs. Node.js as a RESTful backend server (31000 views)
  2. Improving math performance in glibc
  3. Red Hat and Microsoft making .NET on Linux work for Enterprises
  4. Five different ways to handle leap seconds with NTP
  5. JIT-compilation using GCC 5
  6. GCC5 and the C++11 ABI
  7. GCC 5 in Fedora
  8. Live Migrating QEMU-KVM Virtual Machines
  9. Low Latency Performance Tuning for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  10. Red Hat Developers – Learn More. Share More. Code More.
  11. Introducing the “rhel-tools for RHEL Atomic Host”
  12. Microservice principles and Immutability – demonstrated with Apache Spark and Cassandra


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