Don Schenck

Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat

Polyglot with a focus on OpenShift. Speaker and author (books, blogs, cheat sheets). Microsoft MVP.

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How to renew your Red Hat Developer Subscription for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Learn how to renew your no-cost Red Hat Developer Subscription to continue accessing support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other Red Hat products.


Change deployments on the fly in OpenShift 4.8

Use Red Hat OpenShift 4.8's new form-based editor to modify your deployments on the fly, but tread carefully to avoid version control problems.


Managing persistent volume access in Kubernetes

Understand the different access modes for persistent volumes (RWO, ROX, RWX) and explore object storage methods on Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.


New application samples in Red Hat OpenShift 4.8

In Red Hat OpenShift 4.8, application samples were added or updated for Python and Ruby, as well as Node.js, Quarkus, and Spring Boot.


Better screen resolution with Hyper-V on RHEL 8

Here's how to improve your screen resolution when running a virtual machine under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. One little file tweak is all it takes.


Four reasons developers should use Ansible

Why should developers learn Ansible? Find out how this simple yet powerful DevOps tool makes automating environments and configuring systems easy.


Create event-based serverless functions with Python

Develop a Python-based serverless function that sends an email in response to a CloudEvent, and learn how to run your serverless function in a container.


Faster web deployment with Python serverless functions

Deploy functions in a snap with Red Hat OpenShift Serverless Functions and Knative. A guide to writing Python-based HTTP functions on Red Hat OpenShift.