Stephen Nimmo

Senior Specialist Solution Architect

Stephen is a Senior Specialist Solution Architect for Red Hat specializing in OpenShift, integration and custom application development. He is an experienced solution architect and project manager including over a decade of consulting experience across a variety of energy and financial services companies. Stephen brings a unique combination of technical, management and business acumen to any effort. He is a champion of agile development and operations methodologies with particular interest in areas such as development team productivity and building a healthy DevOps culture.

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Leader election in Kubernetes using Apache Camel

Kubernetes workloads don’t always follow the "horizontally scalable stateless" model. Learn how to implement leader election with Apache Camel.


Build an API using Quarkus from the ground up

Building a production ready REST API has many moving parts. This article brings them all together in a Quarkus example that you can build on.