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Vice President, Developer Tools & Programs

Mithun T. Dhar

Mithun T. Dhar is responsible for representing and championing the voice of the developer internally and externally at Red Hat. In his role as Vice President and General Manager of the Developer Tools & Programs business unit, Mithun and team partner across the organization to bring an ideal developer experience across the portfolio. Prior to Red Hat, Mithun held senior positions at Citrix, Edifecs, HERE Technologies, Microsoft, and SAP Concur. 

Mithun T. Dhar's contributions

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The Red Hat community commitment to open source

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Red Hat is the world’s largest open source company and a top CNCF contributor. Explore the projects and contributions advancing our technological landscape.

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How Red Hat enhances the developer experience

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Discover how Red Hat's developer tools reduce friction in your development process to help you achieve more in hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.