Josh Cain

Josh Cain is a member of the Red Hat Identity and Access Management (IAM) team, where he is responsible for developing and delivering SSO solutions for internal employee productivity and externally facing customer applications. He comes from an application development background, where he has years of experience employing open source technologies to solve problems in the medical, government, education, and private sector domains.

Josh Cain's contributions

Docker Authentication Flow

Docker Authentication with Keycloak

Josh Cain

Need to lock down your Docker registry? Keycloak has you covered. As of version 3.2.0, Keycloak has the ability to act as an "authorization service" for Docker authentication . This means that the Keycloak IDP server can perform identity validation and token issuance when a Docker registry requires authentication. Administrators may now leverage the same user base, audit controls, and configuration mechanisms in Keycloak to extend their SSO ecosystem past OpenID Connect and SAML to cover Docker registries. The chart...