Principal Software Engineer

Fred Bricon

Fred is a Code Monkey @ Red Hat, and has been making hipsters use Eclipse in VS Code without their knowledge. After working as a Java EE consultant for more than 10 years, Fred joined the JBoss Tools team at Red Hat in 2011, to work on Maven, Project examples, and OpenShift tooling in Eclipse. More recently his work focused on implementing a universal Java Language Server and its integration in Visual Studio Code. Fred has been contributing to several Open Source projects, including, notably, M2E, M2E-WTP, and JDT.LS at the Eclipse Foundation.

Fred Bricon's contributions

New vscode-java

New vscode-java 0.0.8 release

Fred Bricon

Version 0.0.8 of the Java extension for Visual Studio Code (a.k.a. vscode-java ) has been unleashed onto the world. It's available in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace and can be found and installed directly from within Code . Highlights of this release can be seen in this screencast: Gradle Support vscode-java finally provides basic Gradle support for Java projects. Basically, you just need to open a folder containing a build.gradle file in its root and wait for the Java support...