Francesco Murdaca

Senior Data Scientist

I love Open Source and I'm passionate about Space, Software and Artificial Intelligence.

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Build and extend containerized applications with Project Thoth

Learn how Thoth synthesizes software and hardware requirements to provide intelligent Python package recommendations for developers and data scientists.


Managing Python dependencies with the Thoth JupyterLab extension

Use the Thoth Jupyterlab extension to manage Python dependencies in your JupyterLab notebooks and ensure that your code and experiments are reproducible.


AI software stack inspection with Thoth and TensorFlow

Learn how Thoth gathers and analyzes data to create advice through a case study about a recent runtime issue inspection when importing TensorFlow 2.1.0.


Microbenchmarks for AI applications using Red Hat OpenShift on PSI in project Thoth

We show the potential of project Thoth's infrastructure running in Red Hat Openshift and how it can collect performance observations.