Dodji Seketeli

Software Engineer, Platform Tools Team

Dodji is a Software Engineer, member of the Platform Tools Group, at Red Hat. He mainly hacks on low level ABI analysis tools these days.

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What's new in Libabigail 2.0

Find out what's new in Libabigail 2.0, including updates to the symbol table reader component, ABIXML format, and moving to the Apache 2 license.


How to write an ABI compliance checker using Libabigail

Write a Python-based application binary interface (ABI) checker to ensure backward compatibility between shared libraries in Linux systems


Changes made to the Libabigail ABI change analysis framework in 2018

This article describes changes that were made to the Abigail library (Libabigail) application binary interface (ABI) change analysis framework and its associated set of tools in 2018.


Analyzing Changes to the Binary Interface Between the Linux Kernel and its Modules

This article is for people interested in long-term Linux kernel maintenance. It introduces you to tools that can help keep the binary interfaces between the kernel and its loadable modules stable during the entire lifetime of a supposedly stable kernel, while code is modified.