Andrew Dinn

Red Hat Distinguished Engineer

Andrew Dinn is a Distinguished Engineer in Red Hat's JDK team working on the OpenJDK JVM JIT Compiler and Runtime. He also leads JBoss Project Byteman and is a member of theGraalVM project.

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Debugging GraalVM-native images using gdb

Discover how GraalVM adding DWARF debug information to its Linux images enables effective source-level Java-native image debugging through gdb.


Diagnosing Java applications on the fly with Byteman

An overview of Byteman, debug Java by injecting code into methods without the need to recompile, repackage, or even redeploy the application.


Java Class Metadata: A User Guide

A user guide of Java Class Metadata. I presented a talk last week in the Free Java Room at FOSDEM 2018 on the subject of Java Class Metadata, explaining what it is, why it helps to know about it, what you might do to measure it, and reduce the impact of it's footprint on  your Java application.