JavaScript Activity
JavaScript application deployment

Part 2: Deploying full-stack JavaScript applications to the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift

This hands-on lab guides you through each stage of deploying a full-stack JavaScript application in a Red Hat OpenShift cluster using the Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift:

  • Part 1: Set up your environment and run the application locally, then build a container for the front end and deploy it to OpenShift.
  • Part 2: Deploy the back end and connect it to the front end using environment variables, then add a health check.
  • Part 3: Deploy a database and connect everything together, then deploy a new microservice from an existing container.

The demo application for this lab is a URL shortener and redirection service. It has a React front end and connects to a Node.js back end. In this part of the lab, you will deploy the Node.js back end using the OpenShift Source-to-Image (S2I) toolkit, then use environment variables to connect the back end to your front end. Note that this lab assumes you have already completed Part 1.

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