Shoubhik Bose

Senior Principal Software Engineer

Shoubhik Bose is an OpenShift CI/CD engineering architect at Red Hat dabbling with container image build APIs , Kubernetes-native Pipelines & GitOps. 

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Managing GitOps control planes for secure GitOps practices

Learn how you can implement secure GitOps practices for developer teams by setting up control planes with the Red Hat OpenShift GitOps operator.


Project Shipwright and the future of Red Hat OpenShift builds

Learn about Project Shipwright, a framework for building container images on Kubernetes, and explore the future of builds in Red Hat OpenShift. 


Service Binding Operator: The Operator in action

In this article, we'll look at a more advanced service binding topic—custom environment variables—and walk through a typical usage scenario. 


Introducing the Service Binding Operator

We introduce the Service Binding Operator, which lets application developers easily bind applications to operator-managed backing services.