Shane Boulden

Shane is a Red Hat Solutions Architect, specialising in application development, automation and DevOps practices. He enjoys good coffee and a well-developed RESTful API.

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Containerized Python Flask development on Red Hat OpenShift

Create a containerized development environment for Flask-based Python projects with Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces and Red Hat OpenShift.


Use the Kubernetes Python client from your running Red Hat OpenShift pods

Learn how to create a Flask application running on OpenShift, which will use the Kubernetes Python client to interact with the OpenShift API.


Create a scalable REST API with Falcon and RHSCL

APIs are critical to automation, integration and developing cloud-native applications, and it's vital they can be scaled to meet the demands of your user-base. In this article, we'll create a database-backed REST API based on the Python Falcon framework using Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL)