Sadhana Nandakumar

Specialist Solutions Architect

Sadhana is a Specialist Solutions Architect at Red Hat. She has extensive experience in creating solutions for Banking, Healthcare and Insurance customers across the globe. With Interests ranging from Automation to Enterprise Integration, her passion is creating solutions and documentation around technology and real-world problems in a manner that is easy to assimilate and extend.

Articles by


Event streaming and data federation: A citizen integrator's story

A citizen integrator's guide to using Red Hat Integration and Red Hat Fuse Online to create personalized customer experiences and interactions.


Monitor business metrics with Red Hat Process Automation Manager, Elasticsearch, and Kibana

Walk through enabling integration with Elasticsearch on a Red Hat OpenShift environment, and representing the KPIs in a graphical dashboard using Kibana.


Dynamic case management in the event-driven era

This article describes how you can use case management for dynamic workflow processing to create a completely event-sourced system.


CDC pipeline with Red Hat AMQ Streams and Red Hat Fuse

This article explains how to make use of Red Hat Integration to create a complete CDC pipeline.