Roman Martin Gil

Principal Middleware Architect

Principal Middleware Architect at Red Hat specialized in the areas of integration, modernization and migration of applications towards Open Source environments. With extensive experience in software development and its implementation in business environments, helping development and operation teams to establish the best method to evolve in their work environments and optimize their performance.

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Securely connect Red Hat Integration Service Registry with Red Hat AMQ Streams

Set up authentication and authorization to connect Red Hat Integration Service Registry with a secure Red Hat AMQ Streams Kafka cluster.


Integrating Spring Boot with Red Hat Integration Service Registry

Learn how to integrate your Spring Boot applications with Red Hat Integration Service Registry, based on the open source Apicurio Registry.


Optimizing Red Hat Fuse 7 Spring Boot container images

In this article, we'll show how to use Red Hat Fuse 7 on Spring Boot for new integration platforms on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.


How to integrate a remote Red Hat AMQ 7 cluster on Red Hat JBoss EAP 7

This article describes in detail how to integrate a remote Red Hat AMQ 7 cluster on a Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 server, including the different configurations and components and some tips to improve your message-driven beans (MDB) applications.


Monitoring Red Hat AMQ 7 with the jmxtrans Agent

Monitoring the Red Hat AMQ 7 broker enables you to get metrics about the performance and behavior of the broker and its resources. This post describes how to set up Red Hat AMQ 7 for monitoring the broker using the popular jmxtrans agent for Java-based applications.


Scaling AMQ 7 Brokers with AMQ Interconnect

AMQ Interconnect provides flexible routing of messages between AMQP-enabled endpoints, including clients, brokers, and standalone services. With a single connection to a network of AMQ Interconnect routers, a client can exchange messages with other endpoints, enabling you to scale your AMQ 7 brokers easily.