Mauro Vocale

Senior Solution Architect

I was born on March 25, 1980 in Venaria Reale, Italy. I started to work in Java and Linux OS in 2001.
I'm a passionate opensource developer, and I'm excited to work in a company like Red Hat as Senior Solution Architect.

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Making Java programs cloud-ready, Part 4: Optimize the runtime environment

Use Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss EAP XP, and Galleon to optimize your Jakarta EE microservices application for cloud distribution.


Making Java programs cloud-ready, Part 3: Integrate MicroProfile services

Prepare your Jakarta EE application for being used in a distributed architecture by introducing MicroProfile health checks, metrics, tracing, and more.


Making Java programs cloud-ready, Part 2: Upgrade the legacy Java application to Jakarta EE

Transition your legacy Java EE 8 application to Jakarta EE, which sets the stage for deploying the application in a cloud-ready microservices architecture.


Making Java programs cloud-ready, Part 1: An incremental approach using Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

Use Jakarta EE and MicroProfile to integrate a legacy Java application with other applications in a microservices architecture on Red Hat OpenShift.


Externalized HTTP Session in an OpenShift 3.9 Environment

In this article I will explain how to externalized the HTTP session of a JEE application in an xPaaS environment, using JBoss EAP and JBoss Data Grid. I will describe the steps needed to easily build the solution and the key points related to it.