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Senior Software Engineer

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How to use third-party APIs in Operator SDK projects

We show you how to use third-party APIs in Operator-SDK projects using the Operator Framework, which helps you develop tools that simplify Kubernetes-native application management.


Why not couple an Operator's logic to a specific Kubernetes platform?

We show you how to implement logic that only occurs if and when your Operator is running on a specific Kubernetes platform.


Getting started with Golang Operators by using Operator SDK

We'll show how to get started with Golang Operators and the Operator SDK in this article.


Configuring the MongoDB WiredTiger memory cache for RHMAP

If MongoDB's WiredTiger memory cache in Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP) consumes all the memory available for a container, memory issues and Nagios alerts will occur. This article describes how to configure the WiredTiger memory cache to prevent high-usage memory issues and Nagios alerts.