Brian Fitzpatrick

Sr. Software Engineer

Brian "Fitz" Fitzpatrick has been working for Red Hat working on Eclipse tooling for the last several years, most recently on the Fuse Tools project.

Articles by


Click-through learning with VS Code and Didact

We show how the Didact VS Code extension makes it easy for non-developers to write tutorials and interact with the commands they want to invoke.


Sending a telegram with Apache Camel K and Visual Studio Code

Use the new tooling for Apache Camel K by Red Hat extension to send a telegram with Apache Camel K and Microsoft Visual Studio Code.


Getting started with the updated VS Code Yeoman extension for Camel projects

We'll help you get started using the updated extension that works with latest versions of VS Code.


Jump start camel projects with the new yeoman-based project generator

The Red Hat Fuse Tooling team created a new Yeoman-based Camel-Project generator for developers to jump start their Camel development in any IDE where Yeoman is supported. How to install and run the generator is shown.


How to migrate your SOAP web service to REST with Camel

The latest release of the Fuse Tooling includes some new capabilities around the Camel REST DSL and re-using SOAP services in RESTful ways.