Alexandros Alykiotis

Software Engineer working at Red Hat. Before joining Red Hat, I was a university student at the University of Piraeus studying computer science and machine learning. More recently, I focused my efforts on tools that help with deploying node.js applications to Openshift and Kubernetes.

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Building reactive systems with Node.js

Find out why reactive systems are especially easy to implement with Node.js, then walk through a reactive system built with Node.js and Apache Kafka.


Monitor Node.js applications on Red Hat OpenShift with Prometheus

Create a simple containerized Node.js application and monitor instrumentation metrics with Prometheus—now fully integrated with Red Hat OpenShift 4.6.


Get started with Node.js 14 on Red Hat OpenShift

Learn two ways to quickly deploy Node.js 14 on Red Hat OpenShift, and get started using new JavaScript language features in the V8 8.1 JavaScript engine.