Principal Software Engineer

Abhishek Koserwal

Abhishek Koserwal is working as a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is involved in communities focused on Operators, Openshift/Kubernetes, and Middleware products. He has developed extensive experience building customer-facing applications integrated with Red Hat SSO and deployed over the Openshift platform, supporting Open Hybrid Cloud strategy. You find out about me: https://akoserwal.github.io/.

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Keycloak: Core concepts of open source identity and access management

Abhishek Koserwal

Keycloak provides the flexibility to export and import configurations easily, using a single view to manage everything. Together, these technologies let you integrate front-end, mobile, and monolithic applications into a microservice architecture. In this article, we discuss the core concepts and features of Keycloak and its application integration mechanisms. You will find links to implementation details near the end. Core concepts Let's start with Keycloak's core concepts, as shown in Figure 1: Figure 1: Keycloak's core concepts."> A Keycloak realm...