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Developing on Linux Containers

Linux is containers. Containers are Linux. When you're familiar with Linux, then creating containers will become second nature. Here are some handy resources for you to develop applications on Linux Containers that can be deployed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and more.

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Containers - Matt Hicks

December 2, 2016
3 minutes

Matt HIcks introduces Linux containers and explains why developers should care about them.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Cheat Sheet
Cheat Sheet

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Cheat Sheet

Ben Pritchett
July 6, 2017

See a step-by-step example to build, deploy and manage an application with OpenShift and look at administrator tasks that can impact developers.

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CDK 3: Build your first application using the OpenShift Console

Red Hat Developers
March 24, 2018

A guide to creating a Node.js project on Red Hat OpenShift running inside the Red Hat CDK/minishift VM using the OpenShift web console.

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Reproducible Development to Live Apps w/ Java and Red Hat CDK, by Andy Rubinger

June 6, 2017
16 minutes

Andy presented this lightning talk at Red Hat Summit 2017.

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A container-platform approach to digital transformation and DevOps

May 15, 2017
55 seconds

Hear from Brian Gracely, Direcctor of Product Strategy, OpenShift, Red Hat and Chris Houseknecht, Principal Software Engineer, Ansible by Red Hat in this breakout session at Red Hat Summit 2017. In order to be prepared for the changes needed in a Digital Transformation, every company will need to evolve their technology, their organization model and their processes for interacting between...

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Achieving DevOps with Containers: 3 things people miss by Scott McCarty

June 6, 2017
22 seconds

Scott McCarty shares how containers can help in the DevOps world, but pay attention to 3 items.