Java + Quarkus 2

Integrate your Quarkus application with GPT4All

Alex Soto Alex Soto Bueno

GPT4All is an open source tool that lets you deploy large language models locally without a GPU. Learn how to integrate GPT4All into a Quarkus application.

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Perform inference using Intel OpenVINO Model Server on OpenShift

audrey-reznik.png Audrey Reznik + 1

In this article, you will learn how to perform inference on JPEG images using the gRPC API in OpenVINO Model Server in OpenShift. Model servers play an important role in smoothly bringing models from development to production. Models are served via network endpoints which expose an APIs to run predictions.

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Extracting dependencies from Python packages

Fridolin Pokorny Fridolin Pokorny

Discover how to resolve Python dependencies by extracting metadata and dependency information, and how Project Thoth helps to streamline the process.