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DevNation Deep Dive - Telco edition

Build your application on RHEL across infrastructure footprints lets you manage applications and services using the same tools across locations.

Meet your Speakers

Cedric Clyburn

Kevin Dubois

Kevin is a software engineer turned developer advocate who is on a mission to supercharge developer joy and productivity using open source as the guiding light. Kevin previously worked as a (Lead) Software Engineer at a variety of organizations ranging from small startups to large US enterprises and even the Belgian public sector.

Cedric Clyburn

Natale Vinto

Natale Vinto is a Software Engineer with more than 10 years of expertise on IT and ICT technologies and has a consolidated background on telecommunications and Linux operating systems. As a Solution Architect with a Java development background, he spent some years as EMEA Specialist Solution Architect for OpenShift at Red Hat. Today, Natale is a Developer Advocate for OpenShift at Red Hat, helping people within communities and customers have success with their Kubernetes and cloud-native strategy.

Cedric Clyburn

Hans-Peter Grahsl

Hans-Peter Grahsl is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat. He is an open-source community enthusiast and in particular passionate about event-driven architectures, distributed stream processing systems, and data engineering. For his code contributions, conference talks, and blog post-writing at the intersection of the Apache Kafka and MongoDB communities, Hans-Peter received the Confluent Community Catalyst award three times in a row and became one of the founding members of the MongoDB Champions Program. He has been a regular speaker at international tech-related and developer conferences for several years.