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DevNation Deep Dive: AXA

Join us on this DevNation Deep Dive, a live event that focuses on the most relevant technologies for software development today.

Meet your speakers


Alex Soto

Alex is a Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat. He is passionate about the Java world, software automation, and he believes in the open source software model.

Alex is the co-author of the books Testing Java Microservices and Quarkus Cookbook  and contributor to several open source projects. A Java Champion since 2017, he is also an international speaker and teacher at Salle URL University. You can follow him at Twitter (@alexsotob) to stay tuned to what’s going on in the Kubernetes and Java worlds.


Natale Vinto

Natale Vinto is a Software Engineer with more than 10 years of expertise on IT and ICT technologies and a consolidated background on telecommunications and Linux operating systems. As a Solution Architect with a Java development background, he spent some years as EMEA Specialist Solution Architect for OpenShift at Red Hat. Today, Natale is a Developer Advocate for OpenShift at Red Hat, helping people within communities and customers have success with their Kubernetes and cloud native strategy.


Hans-Peter Grahsl

Hans-Peter Grahsl is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat. He is an open-source community enthusiast and in particular passionate about event-driven architectures, distributed stream processing systems and data engineering. For his code contributions, conference talks and blog post writing at the intersection of the Apache Kafka and MongoDB communities, Hans-Peter received the Confluent Community Catalyst award 3 times in a row and became one of the founding members of the MongoDB Champions Program. He is a regular speaker at international tech-related and developer conferences for several years.


Ian Lawson

Ian 'Uther' Lawson was a software engineer in the real world for 20+ years before joining Red Hat as an Open Source fanatic. For the last 10 years he has been a Domain Solution Architect, talking to anyone and everyone about the brilliance of OpenShift and other Red Hat products. He now works as a Developer Advocate and gets to enthuse all the time.