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Istio: Canaries and Kubernetes

In this session, we introduce you to cloud native architecture by demonstrating numerous principles and techniques for building and deploying Java microservices via Spring Boot, Wildfly Swarm and Vert.x, while leveraging Istio on Kubernetes with OpenShift.

Burr Sutter

Burr Sutter

Chief Developer Evangelist

Make Serverless seamless with Knative

Tutorial: Build and deploy a serverless service to Knative

The Knative serverless environment lets you deploy code to Kubernetes, but no resources are consumed unless your code needs to do something. With Knative, you create a service by packaging your code as a Docker image and handing it to the system. Your code only runs when it needs to, with Knative starting and stopping instances automatically.

Want to learn how? This series of articles and videos, the Compile Driver, shows you how to build your own working serverless environment.

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Exploring the Colossal Cave Adventure

Building and running 40-year-old code from the dawn of gaming

Colossal Cave Adventure may be the most influential computer game ever. This article shows you how to find, build, and run its source code.

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Mammoth Cave

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