Developing on OpenShift

Learn how to access an OpenShift cluster, manage apps with the odo command-line tool, then try image and source-based deployment techniques.

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25 minutes | Beginner

Use the OpenShift Container Platform to build and deploy applications using both containers and orchestration.

Published 24 Apr 2019 by Graham Dumpleton

15 minutes | Beginner

Use OpenShift Do (odo), a CLI tool for developers, to manage application components on the OpenShift Container Platform.

Published 24 Apr 2019 by Jorge Morales Pou

15 minutes | Beginner

Deploy an application from an existing Docker-formatted image using the OpenShift web console and the command line using oc.

Published 06 May 2019 by Ben Hall

60 minutes | Beginner

Explore OpenShift 3.11 using this playground, which gives you access to an unstructured learning approach for experimentation.

Published 06 May 2019 by Ben Hall