Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces for OpenShift Public Beta

A container-based, cloud-native, in-browser IDE for rapid, decentralized development

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Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces for OpenShift is now available in Public Beta. 
Built on the open Eclipse Che project, CodeReady Workspaces provides developer workspaces, which include all the tools and the dependencies that are needed to code, build, test, run, and debug applications. The entire product runs in an OpenShift cluster hosted on-premises or in the cloud and eliminates the need to install anything on a local machine.
This release includes the following key features:

  • Centralized developer environments: Provides a centralized platform on OpenShift to define, administer, and manage developer environments. It simplifies the configuration of developer tools and secures access to the source code.

  • Container-based workspaces: Developers’ workspaces run on OpenShift from the moment they’re started. They support multi-container configurations for developing microservices-based applications and can scale to any size. This allows developers to work in replicas of the production environment in order to speed production problem diagnosis.

  • Source code protection: CodeReady Workspaces are centrally hosted in an OpenShift cluster controlled by IT policies. Source code never lands on hard-to-secure laptops, but developers can still perform all the tasks they’re used to with a laptop setup.

  • Pre-built or custom stacks: CodeReady Workspaces’ stacks are recipes for developer environments which include the base OS, all the runtime components needed by a project, the developer tooling needed, and the source code for the project (including optional branch and commit ID specifics). Pre-built stacks with supported Red Hat technologies can be used, or custom stacks can be created and shared across the developer teams.

  • Enterprise integration: Includes Red Hat SSO to handle authentication and security between the developer teams. Allows integration with LDAP or AD.

  • Browser-based IDE: Bundles a rich, browser-based IDE with language tooling, autocompletion, refactoring, code navigation, debuggers, terminal to access containers, Git integration, and more.

For an overview of this release, see the CodeReady Workspaces Beta Release Notes.


Project lead Brad Micklea explains the benefits of Eclipse Che at JavaOne

Build Something Today

Let's walk through everything you need to build your first application.