No-cost developer subscriptions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Command Line Heroes

No-cost developer subscriptions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Command Line Heroes

Did you know…

  1. …about the new, original podcast “Command Line Heroes” from Red Hat?
  2. …by joining the free Red Hat Developers program, you can get a no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription for developers?

Command Line Heroes Podcast

Red Hat has announced Command Line Heroes (CLH), an original podcast from Red Hat. Hosted by Saron Yitbarek, developer, and the founder of CodeNewbie, Command Line Heroes is about geeks, hackers, developers, programmers, and all sorts of passionate open source builders, makers, and users.

Each fun episode goes deep on a topic that we techies care about. The first season begins with these three:

  • The OS wars — going back to the 80s, how Linux came to be, covering the desktop front and the battle for the datacenter
  • The development of the Agile movement
  • The story of DevOps

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Getting a no cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription for developers

If you’re not already using Red Hat Enterprise Linux for development, then start today: Join the free Red Hat Developers program and download Red Hat Enterprise Linux. By registering, you’ll get a no cost subscription for developers, which includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server and a wealth of development tools. The server edition of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a super set which includes the full workstation GUI and all the server components such as databases and web servers. 

Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux is easy. The instructions on provide a fast path for installation on a virtual machine or  physical machine (like a laptop or desktop) which is referred to as bare metal. The virtual machine instructions show you how to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a guest application on top of your existing operating system, whether it is Windows, macOS, or another version of Linux.

The no-cost subscription also includes access to the Red Hat Customer Portal for official Red Hat software updates and thousands of knowledgebase articles. For more information, see Frequently asked questions: no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Subscription.


What you should do next:

  1. Subscribe to CLH podcasts – Subscribe to Command Line Heroes wherever you get your podcasts. And visit to access demos, special how-tos, and to sign up for the newsletter.
  2. Register at – Get your no-cost subscription for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Download Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  Get cheat sheets for LinuxAdvanced Linux commands, Git source code control, containers, Kubernetes., MongoDB, and more.


Join the Red Hat Developer Program (it’s free) and get access to related cheat sheets, books, and product downloads.

Take advantage of your Red Hat Developers membership and download RHEL today at no cost.