DevNation 2014 recorded session: Slavek Kabrda – DevAssistant: What's in it for You?

DevAssistant is a new project that aims to make developers’ lives easier by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. It uses assistants—Yaml “recipe files”—that contain information on how to create new projects, modify existing projects, and how to set up environments for developing upstream projects.

Session abstract:  Come learn more about how DevAssistant can make your job easier, with features such as:

* Dependency installation.
* Scaffolding source code for new projects or checking out source code from SCM.
* Setting up environments on a developer’s machine.

DevAssistant is written in Python and it features a command line interface and gtk+ GUI.


DevNation 2014 – Slavek Kabrda – DevAssistant: What’s in it for You?


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