Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 now Generally Available (adds Docker support)

So, yeah, it was in beta testing, but now it’s generally available!  See the recent Red Hat press release.

If you use virtualization in your development (e.g. spinning up VMs for projects), you might find the ability to change proc counts while the guest is running useful. RHEL 6.5 virtualization also adds direct integration with GlusterFS / Red Hat Storage in case you want to play with that in a virtualized test environment. Dynamic storage is definitely getting interesting and this support makes it easier to try to get a handle on what it can do.

Also, something quickly mentioned in the beta announcement was this:.

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 enables customers to deploy application images in containers created using Docker in their environment of choice: physical, virtual, or cloud. “

In fact, Docker now runs on all the major Linux distros, making “build once, deploy everywhere” more of a possibility. Very cool!

And if you’re big into Docker, then also see this recent Red Hat OpenShift and dotCloud announcement too!  The key areas are:  Packaging Docker for Fedora, collaboration on file system dependencies and container provisioning, and integrate Docker with OpenShift’s cartridge model.

Even cooler!  🙂

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