Cheat Sheet

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

By Mike Guerette, Vladimir Slavik
Published: 2019-05-07

We are delighted to introduce you to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. Whether or not you’re familiar with previous versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you’ll find RHEL 8 intuitive to pick up and use. For current users, there are a few new features and commands that you’ll want to be aware of, so happy coding.


Cheat Sheet Excerpt

The following are common module commands.


  • List all modules

$ yum module list

  • List installed modules:

$ yum module list installed

  • Find which module provides a package:

$ yum module provides package

  • Examine details of a module:

$ yum module info module

  • List packages installed by profiles of a module:

$ yum module info --profile module:stream

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