Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 beta guide

Updated: 2/26/2019

We are delighted to introduce you to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 Beta. If you’re familiar with previous versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you’ll find that RHEL 8 Beta is more intuitive to pick up and use. However, there are a few new features and changes that you’ll want to be aware of, so we hope this cheat sheet helps quickly explore and begin your RHEL 8 Beta application development.

This cheat sheet explains how to:

  • Take advantage of simplified software packaging and installation.
  • Work with containers.
  • Install and understand application streams, along with related Red Hat Enterprise Linux commands.
  • Find, explore, and work with modules.


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Understanding Enterprise Linux 8 Beta

Installing and using RHEL 8 Beta is much easier than previous releases. Previously, there were server, workstation, and desktop variants, but RHEL 8 Beta has only one distribution (ISO file) for each architecture. The RHEL 8 Beta has also been simplified with fewer repos:

  • BaseOS Beta, which contains primarily the core operating system packages with support for the operating system's lifetime.
  • AppStream Beta, which contains user-space applications and components, including numerous Application Streams that will update on a more frequent cadence.
  • Linux Builder Beta, which contains a collection of unsupported developer tools.
  • Supplementary, which contains packages that have third party support only.

Explore RHEL 8 now