Konrad Kleine

I'm an acoustic guitarist, singer, photographer and senior software engineer with Red Hat with Go as my day-to-programming language and C++ experience from prev. jobs. We build an online development environment for planning, creating and deploying hybrid cloud services: https://openshift.io/. I like to engineer and explore inventive deployment and testing strategies using lightweight Docker containers. But I also like to dig into the inner workings of the Clang/LLVM compiler to find elegant ways to analyse and improve huge code bases (i.e. using Clang tooling and the address sanitizer [ASAN]). I am a music lover, play the acoustic guitar, and like to capture beautiful moments in life with my photo camera. I also swim and run.

Areas of Expertise

Go, C++, C, Docker, Testing

Recent Posts

Manage test dependencies with Go

Manage test dependencies with Go


I’m working on the upstream fabric8-wit project of openshift.io. In this Go project, we embrace testing as best as we can in order to deliver a stable component. Testing acts as our safety net to allow for fast-paced feature development. This blog post is about our recent change in our testing strategy. It is not as boring as it might sound at first. 😉

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