Daniel Oh

Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager

Daniel Oh works for Red Hat as Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager and is also in charge of the CNCF ambassador to encourage developers' participation of cloud-native app development at scale and speed. He's obviously specialized at cloud-native microservices and serverless development, Quarkus, DevOps & Agile practices, Microprofile, Open Hybrid Cloud, and Kubernetes across regions. He's been delivering technical seminars and workshops to elaborate on emerging technologies for developers & IT ops teams, and keep influencing them to enable this paradigm and technologies. He's been talking about rapidly changing emerging technologies at international conferences.


Articles by


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Apache Kafka enables asynchronous messaging for reactive systems. Learn how to use Quarkus to easily visualize the topology of your Kafka Streams.


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Enhancing the development loop with Quarkus remote development

Set up a new Quarkus project, then configure it for live coding on a remote Red Hat OpenShift cluster, just like you would in your local environment.


Write a Quarkus function in two steps on Red Hat OpenShift Serverless

Learn how to write a Quarkus function on Red Hat OpenShift Serverless and manage the performance concerns by creating a native executable at build time.