Chandra Shekhar Pandey

Senior Software Maintenance Engineer

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Using the STOMP Protocol with Apache ActiveMQ Artemis Broker

This article shows how to use Python-based messaging clients and STOMP to connect and subscribe to a durable topic in the Apache ActiveMQ Artemis or the Red Hat AMQ 7 broker. STOMP clients can communicate with any STOMP message broker, providing messaging interoperability among many languages, platforms, and brokers.


Setting Up a Failover Scenario Using Apache Camel ZooKeeper

In this article, we will discuss using the Apache Camel-ZooKeeper component, and how we can set up a fail-over scenario for Apache Camel routes. While working in a clustered environment, situations arise where a user wants to have a backup route which will become active only when the master route stops working.


Deploying a Spring Boot App with MySQL on OpenShift

This article covers how to deploy a spring boot app which interacts with mysql in an OpenShift Environment. We might have a requirement where we have to migrate our Spring Boot standalone project to OpenShift environment or we might have to create Docker images.


Enabling Byteman Script with Red Hat JBoss Fuse and AMQ - Part 2

When using Byteman scripts for tracing and debugging with Red Hat JBoss Fuse and AMQ, learn how to use Java helper classes with for advanced options, such as viewing or modifying arguments, and utilizing 'java.util.logging' to inject messages into the existing logs.


Enabling Byteman Script with Red Hat JBoss Fuse and AMQ - Part1

In a production or customer environment it is not always possible to identify issues by looking at logs or setting up a remote debugging using IDE. Often the issues are specific to the environment and can't be reproduced. having byteman scripts can help in identifying issues without actual code changes.