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If you build applications that your company sells for the hybrid-cloud, then partner with Red Hat and differentiate your products even more.

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“Hello, world” or “Hello, partners”?

Getting to your first line of code quickly is great, but what really matters is the time it takes you as a Technology Partner to:


Differentiate your products


Delight your customers


Influence your company revenues

To accelerate these, have Red Hat certify your applications so your customers and prospects will know your images are secure, reliable and scalable across a hybrid-cloud.

Today, your Linux containers are not really portable - you have to build one for each destination platform. Until now. The new Red Hat Universal Base Images enable you to build your container ONCE and freely redistribute it to multiple deployment platforms - whether Red Hat or not. Read more about UBI below, or visit the Red Hat container tools topic.

In this brief video, Red Hat's Scott McCarty demonstrates Red Hat Universal Base Images by creating a container image on Fedora, then deploying it on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Why Certify?

Certifying your product means:


All components are confirmed to be from a trusted source and the underlying packages have not been altered.

RHEL Release

Container images are free of known platform component vulnerabilities.


New vulnerabilities are promptly addressed through the Continuous Build Service - important for CI/CD environments.

RHEL Release

Software can be deployed across Red Hat footprints — from bare metal to cloud.


Applications are published in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog; Operators in OpenShift Operator Hub.

RHEL Release

The complete stack is commercially supported by Red Hat and your company via TSANet.

Red Hat technologies to certify on




Linux Containers Kubernetes OpenStack




Red Hat Enterprise Linux Software Certification Red Hat Container Certification Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification Red Hat OpenStack Certification


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Why Partner with Red Hat?

Red Hat Partner Connect is a program for Technology Partners (ISVs, SIs, VARs) which provides you software, tools, and other technical resources for your development work, and business and marketing resources for your marketing colleagues.






Market reach



Partnering with Red Hat means: you can build once and choose to deploy anywhere, develop and scale on innovative technologies like Kubernetes, reach 90% of the F500 that uses RHEL, and deliver integrated support with Red Hat.

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