Securing Microservices using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and Red Hat SSO, by Thomas Qvarnstrom

Easy Micro Services with Fabric8

This demo shows how to take any maven project with a Java static main(String[] args) function and run it as a stand alone managed micro service using fabric8 and the awesome hawtio console

Long Running Services in TorqueBox

In this video we show you how create and deploy a standalone long-running service in Ruby on TorqueBox 2.x.

From legacy to microservices: Lessons learned on the road to success by Miles & More

Watch Matthias Krohnen, Manager IT, Lead Innovation Lab, Miles & More GmbH, Torben Jaegar, Middleware Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat, and Pagop, Middleware Sales Specialist, Red Hat speak in this breakout session at Red Hat Summit 2017. With over 29 million participants, Miles & More is the largest frequent flyer program in Europe. Expanding this travel rewards program into other markets required a fundamental change to the company's IT infrastructure, as the previous legacy environment was hard to maintain and not scalable.

Reproducible development to live applications with Java and Red Hat CDK

Andrew Lee Rubinger, Principle Software Engineer, Red Hat, Lalatendu Mohanty, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat share inights in the breakout session from Red Hat Summit 2017. Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK) provides a ready-to-use development environment for developing microservices on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. In this session, we will design a small microservices application using Angular2 served through Eclipse Vert.x for front-end environments and REST over HTTP and Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) via WildFly Swarm for back-end environments.

Developing cloud-ready Camel microservice

Hear from Claus Isben, Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat in this breakout session from Red Hat Summit 2017. For Java developers, it may be daunting to get started developing container applications that run on OpenShift clusters. Minishift can help you run OpenShift locally by launching a local, single-node OpenShift cluster within a virtual machine. With fabric8 tools, it’s even easier to install and run OpenShift using familiar tools like Apache Maven. In this session, we’ll build a set of Apache Camel- and Jav-based microservices that use Spring Boot and WildFly Swarm.

JBoss Enterprise Middleware overview

In this video from the Red Hat Stories Technologies series, Craig Muzilla, vice president of the Middleware Business, discusses the growth and development of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware suites and technologies. He explains how Red Hat solutions extend from the middleware layer and further allow hardware flexibility and great application choice, with excellent long-term value. "You can configure JBoss technology to the needs that you have in an organization. You're not constrained and restricted." - Craig Muzilla See more of the Red Hat Stories:

Brian Stevens keynote (2011 Red Hat Summit & JBoss World)

Red Hat Chief Technical Officer and Vice President Brian Stevens gives a keynote at the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBossWorld. Stevens discusses his ten-year tenure at Red Hat and the inspiration he finds in today's work--as much or more than he did when he joined the company. He begins with a look at the proprietary architectures of the past--expensive hardware that was difficult and expensive to manage and maintain, and hard to move away from when technologies improved. Today's technology outlook is very different.

Simplifying JBoss administration

JBoss ON experts Chris Morgan (senior product marketing manager) and Greg Hinkel (engineering team lead) discuss the value of management tools and features from Red Hat and JBoss. Screenshots further demonstrate the options and impact of technologies like Jopr and other open source applications, projects, and toolkits. "At the end of the day, you still have Red Hat behind the name, and you have a fully supported platform that can integrate all these different parts...