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Technology is constantly evolving. To thrive, you’ve got to understand what’s happening now and be ready for what’s coming next. Join us for Red Hat® Summit, May 23-25 in Boston, to try new features, build the skills that push your organization forward, and explore what’s next in IT.

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Take part in a day and a half of sessions that offer the tools and insights you need to turn knowledge into action. On May 10-11, you’ll have access to insightful keynotes, global customer and partner stories, Red Hat experts, networking opportunities, and more. 

Ask the experts

Ask us anything about developer tools & product adoption

Session ID: AE1763

The Red Hat Developer team knows all about increasing your developer productivity with developer tools for Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Runtimes, and Red Hat Application Services. In this Ask the Experts session, in addition to answering all your questions, we'll cover how to:

  • Get set up with Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces and Quarkus Tools.
  • Use Red Hat Developer Sandbox.
  • Get access to our world-renowned developer advocates through account-based developer adoption.
On-demand session

Developer Tools Roadmap

Session ID: OD1752

This roadmap will illustrate how we support a cloud-first approach to cloud-native development while tying it to the multicloud and hybrid cloud challenges developers face today. This includes how we remove friction and provide solutions that help application teams deliver value faster and for less, and how we bring new managed experiences with a push to more managed services to use.

On-demand session

Developer Productivity, Security and Standardization: Are they at odds or can they all be achieved?

Session ID: OD1506

We'll cover how we used solutions like Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces, formerly CodeReady Workspaces, to host standardized and full-functional developer workspaces to let developers quickly get going in the integrated development environments (IDEs) they are most productive in. We'll also cover other topics such as application onboarding and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

On-demand session

Accelerating software development at Société Générale with Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces, formerly CodeReady Workspaces

Session ID: OD1277

We'll talk about, and run a demo of, OpenShift Dev Spaces features that help Société Générale developers be more productive.

On-demand session

The Ansible Developer Experience, from Idea to Automation

Session ID: OD1342

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2 delivers a new automation development workflow from your workstation to automation controller. New tools such as automation content navigator (i.e., ansible-navigator) and execution environment builder (i.e., ansible-builder) deliver a consistent experience when creating automation content.

On-demand session

Container development on Red Hat Enterprise Linux: what you need to know

Session ID: OD1311

We'll demonstrate cloud-native container tools in Red Hat Enterprise Linux that help you build and run containers using Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo as well as taking advantage of all the developer tools in the latest versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

On-demand session

Your application your way, with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Session ID: OD1312

Hear about the new versions in the latest releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and why it's the best Linux platform for high performance application development.

On-demand session

Improving Developer Experience and Process from Local to Kubernetes

Session ID: OD1488

We'll showcase how enterprise developers like Logicdrop and Vodafone Greece could improve development productivity using remote development, remote debug, live coding, and continuous testing from the developer’s local environment to a remote Kubernetes cluster without additional CI/CD tools integration.

On-demand session

10 Design Tips for MicroServices Developers with Quarkus

Session ID: OD1437

We'll use specific Quarkus and Java examples with a focus on human-centered technology needs and give you a concrete list of 10 things that'll make your application development and architecture simpler and better. Quarkus, when combined with these 10 items, will give you the quality, speed, and agility your software delivery organization requires.

On-demand session

Red Hat Cloud way: event-driven, serverless, distributed cloud services to support modern apps

Session ID: OD1483

We'll create an application using Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka and a developer sandbox for OpenShift to support serverless, event-driven, on-demand workloads that can adapt to modern use cases such as massive data intake from Internet of Things / edge devices or high-availability geographically distributed services.

On-demand session

Efficient resource management with OpenShift

Session ID: OD1258

We'll explore best practices and valuable settings to manage application resources in an OpenShift cluster.

On-demand session

Thriving in the cloud: Going beyond the 12 factors

Session ID: OD1382

We'll dive into the extended and updated 15 factors needed to build cloud-native applications that can thrive in this environment, and we'll take a look at open source technologies and tools that can help us achieve this.