Red Hat OpenShift Connectors

Pre-built integrations for quick and scalable connectivity from data, services, and systems to Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka.

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Get started deploying your pre-built connectors

Configure and deploy pre-built connectors without using any code using Red Hat OpenShift Connectors. These connectors help establish quick connectivity across your data, services, and systems are delivered as a fully managed service.

Watch Getting started with Red Hat OpenShift Connectors to learn about the wide variety of connectors that support multiple standards, ecosystems, and upstream projects. You can also read this article to learn more.

OpenShift Connector features

Red Hat OpenShift Connectors offer over 60 pre-built connectors delivering connectivity spanning a variety of ecosystems. Users can take advantage of the benefits of a variety of integration environments and quickly expand their connector ecosystem.

Growing number of prebuilt connectors

OpenShift Connectors offers over 60 pre-built source and sink connectors based on the open source community projects Camel K and Debezium. You can securely connect to distributed services, making it easy to consume and share streaming data between applications and enterprise systems, cloud provider services, and SaaS applications.

Streamlined developer experience

Never manually code connectivity to Kafka again. OpenShift Connectors deliver a user-friendly, code-free user interface that provides users the ability to create source and sink connectors, update configurations, and delete connectors quickly.

Capture changes to data as they happen

Teams can take advantage of pre-built connectivity using Debezium for change data capture to easily incorporate existing databases into a data stream and event-driven architecture. Additionally, OpenShift Connectors and Debezium work together to give you a reliable microservices integration for tackling tasks like gradually extracting microservices from existing monoliths.

Delivered as a service

OpenShift Connectors are fully managed and supported by Red Hat. Reduce operational overhead and the complexity of managing connector infrastructure with pre-built connectors backed by Red Hat support.

OpenShift Connectors use cases

Security and compliance

Integrate data from various sources

OpenShift Connectors allow developers to select the connector of their choice and use OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka as the streaming platform for moving data from one side to the other. Add new data sources using connectors and put a data pipeline in place in just minutes.


Real-time data streaming

OpenShift Connectors enable streaming data in near real time by connecting to multiple data sources and ingesting vast amounts of information through OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka. The ingested data can be easily routed to an intelligent application for analysis and insights.


Write code with an event-driven paradigm

OpenShift Connectors can capture changes to data as events, send them to OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka, and update applications with the latest information. This can reduce database polling delays, and get up-to-date information quickly.